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Shasta is 25 feet from the top. Water Temp 55 the lake is warming and the Trout and Salmon bites is improving. All ramps are open.  Trout bite is improving daily with warming weather . Best area for trout are the McCloud arm from Holiday Harbor to Dekas rock.The Squaw creek arm from Monday Flat north. The Sacramento arm Goose Neck to Elmors Bay. The Pitt above Arbuckle Flat. Work the surcface to 25' down. Cripplures Brass Chrushed Fire, Brass Red, FireTiger, or UV Red or fishscale. HumDingers Red gold sand,glow silver sand, silver blue and Wiggle Hoochies doingthe job. Salmon bite is good fish Dry Creek and Backbone 25 to 75 feet deep.Try UV Sling Blades with Pee Wee hoochies, Koke-a-nuts, and Wiggle Hoochies.Good fishing



Shasta Lake is 80' from the top Packers Bay is closed. Cooler weather and rain  weather has excelerated the turnover. The fish have come up and are feeding on the shad on points. Trout fishing has been good all over the lake. Best lures have been Cripplures in the Ni nickel silver Prism, Nickel fishscalen, Glow Shad and any of the UV patterns. Hum Dinger in the Silver Blue ( Capt America) Silver Black white, and any of the UV patterns and UV Wiggle Hoochies. Best areas: Waters Gulch to No Name Island, Bridge Bay or Toupee.  Salmon fishing has been slow try Dry Creek area and around the Dam fish 50 to 125' deep. Mid size Sling Blades in UV patterns trailing Wiggle Hoochies or Pee Wee Hoochies in Glow patterns doing the trick there.




Bouy 10 Columbia River August 2011.  Dave Steell (left)  of   got myself and Chuck Hose (right)  limits of Kings up to 25 pounds in 3 hours using Plug cut herring and 8" UV Sling Blade dodgers. Look for the show airing soon on

Angler West TV


2011 Shasta Lake Trout Derby

I fished the derby with Rick and Tresa Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service ( We took 3rd place. The lake was turning over but  we caught 25 to 30 trout per day with an average weight of 2 pounds. We caught fish on the surface in the morning on the surface with Cripplures in Glow shad and silver black white Hum Dingers. After the sun came up we used CR and HD in UV patterns and fished deeper from the surface to 36' deep. The best bite was sur

face to 20' deep. Our largest trout, caught by Tresa, weighed in at 2.79 pounds




Rick Kennedy and myself holding 4 of our trout caught in the              Myself, Rick and Tresa Kennedy after winning 3rd place

Shasta Lake Trout derby


Ron Nunns caught the big fish in the derby while fishing with Pro Staff Paul Digilio

His trout weighed in at 4.6 pounds and was caught on a Cripplure Nickel Shad.



Pro Staffer Al Vose caught this 44 ib Chinook on a 6" Sling Blade trailing a plug cut herring on the Siletz 9/22/11



Shasta Lake is 7' from the top all ramps open. Trout fishing has been good all over the lake. 20 t0 48 feet deep. Best lures have been Cripplures in the Ni Blue Prism, Brass Chrushed Fire, Glow Shad and any of the UV patterns. Hum Dinger in the Silver Blue ( Capt America) Silver purple white, and any of the UV patterns and UV Wiggle Hoochies all 2 to 3' behind UV Sling Blades or the new Ifoil patterns. Salmon fishing has been OK in the Dry Creek area and around the Dam fish 50 to 125' deep. Mid size Sling Blades in UV patterns trailing Wiggle Hoochies or Pee Wee Hoochies in Glow patterns doing the trick there.


New Record Chinook
1     1
Mike Elster                                                                                   Mike Elster and Myself with the 3 Kings we caught at Trinity Lake while
 with the unofficial California State inland                                            filming an episode of Angler West. They weighed in at
Chinook Salmon record. This King weighed 7.69 lbs                          4, 5 and 6 pounds. they were caught using Sling Blades, wiggle hoochies
(certified scale) and measured 26".                                                  and Glow Red Head Cripplures
Mike fish was caught on Trinity Lake while fishing a                          
UV Sling Blade dodger. Mike caught several fish while
fishing Sling Blades, Wiggle Hoochies, Hum Dinger
and apexes.
1               1
Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service
with the new Unofficial                                                                     Rick and I holding Coho we caught while filming an episode
Calif. State  Inland Coho Record caught 9/10/11 at Lake Oroville.         of Justin Wolffs Angler west TV. We caught
He was using a 8" Sling Blade Dodger and a Shasta Pee Wee     our fish using 8" Sling Blade Dodgers and Shasta Pee Wee hoochies
hoochie Glow Tire Track.  His fish weighed 3.25 lbs and               The show will take you through  the entire process for documenting
measured 19.5" and had 10.5" girth                                              and recording a record fish.
Record fish must be caught on Shasta Tackle products and Record must be official and we need full pictures and documentation. 

More Bodega Bay Salmon caught on a 8" Sling Blade Dodger and and Hoochies



Rob caught this Hugh Bodega Bay King Salmon trolling a                  
8" sling blade and a purple haze hoochie in August 2011
I caught this nice Coho out of Depo Bay Oregon on a 8" Sling Blade while fishing with Clair Fox  late July 2011
Al Vose caught this 9.5 pound Wallowa Lake  Kokanee 6/1/11 Using a Sling Blade.
The second largest Kokanee caught in the US and 3rd largest in the World. Good Job!!! Al
1  1
We just got back from filming a Angler West show at Wallowa Lake. We fished with Ron Campbell the World Record holder.
The bite was tough but we managed to catch a lot of Kokes including this 4 pound beauty.. UV Sling Blades teamed with Koke-a-nuts,
Scorpion Spinners, Pee Wee hoochies and Wiggle Hoochies in Pink patterns did the best.
15 # Columbia River King caught 3/25/11 trolling a 8" Sling Blade           Steve Lynch of Pro Cure and his brother caught these Columbia River Kings  on
dodge while fishing with Guide Dave Steel         8" Sling  Blades and bait while fishing with Dave Steel.
Melaine from the Glory Hole sent this picture 4/8/11 Mitch Glassey caught this
7# 10oz New Melones Brown while fishing with Gary Burns of Take It To The Limit
Guide Service. Mitch caught this beautiful fish on a UV Purple Cripplure. Good Job Guys!!
 Congratulation to Pro Staffer Rick Coelho  for taking
Shasta Tackle's Angler of The Year 2010 Award.
 Butch Jacobson Took 3rd Place in the 2010 Shasta Lake Trout Derby
He was fishing with Chris his wife. Butch and Chris are Shasta Tackle's
California Pro Staff  Directors.   Good Job!!!
Mark Porter
Draggin' Ballz Fish Team won the Oroville Coho West Coast fishing Tournament
  Majority of our fish came on Sling Blades, as well as some on Cripplures, Shasta PeeWees
Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service sent this picture
of his client with fish caught on UV Sling Blades and
Pee Wee Hoochies at Stampede Resivour
1 1

Silvia left and John Kline Right with some Flaming Gorge Kokes caught on Shasta UV Sling blades and Wiggle Hoochies

The picture on the left is of Silvia of Arizona she had never fished for Kokes before so Bill and I Gave her a couple of  Wiggle Hoochie and  UV Sling Blades. They told a new guy from Utah about what we did for them and we gave his some as well. they all caught fish 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. The word is out Shasta Tackle works best at Flaming Gorge even Nu bees can catch fish with Shasta Stuff   John Kline


11 Local Wallowa Lake Guide Mark Moncrief sent picture
of a client a 6 pound koke caught on Shasta Tackle gear. Marks has reported fish
like this on a regular basis
Stop By the Sports Corral in Joseph 541 432-4363 for the right gear and fishing information.

I am also sending you some pictures from my last fishing trip at Green Peter where I got 75 kokanee, a picture

of my wife Debbie with a 16" kokanee from Green Peter and some pictures of my Dad’s kokanee fishing trip from

Wallowa Lake where he got a 7.7 pound koke a few week ago.  All these fish were caught using your Sling Blades. 

Thanks again Jeremy Jahn

 Fish On kokaneekid

Pro Staff Ron Walker with a limit of hugh Wallowa Lake Kokanee to 6 pounds
caught on UV Sling Blades and Wiggle Hoochies
Guide John Roark sent these pictures of Kokanee he caught in Montana lakes using Sling Blades and other Shasta products.

Congratulations to Pro Staffer Tom Hamada for his win at the Project Kokanee Derby at Lake Berryessa







 3.17 pound Rainbow caught on a Brass Crushed Fire Cripplure during to KP Shasta Derby


 4/29/10   3.5# Salmon caught trolling a White Purple Haze Wiggle Hoochie behind the 8" Silver Glow Sling Blade 80' at the Dam.  While fishing with Butch and Chris Jacobson.


Our plan to chase the SC pink was changed due to poor weather so we made a detour to the SF bay instead. As always, Frank would put out his best rig, in this case, his favorite red Kone Zone in front of a red RSK. And for me, a large Sling Bling in front of a glow Cripple chovies. 1st kill at the bird cage, 29"er on a Sling blade/Cripple chovies combo. 2nd kill, 5 minutes after, a 30"er on a Sling blade/Cripple Chovies combo then the bite died. We worked the area for another 1hr before running across to the wall. The water was off color and lots of grass from the ball park to the channel. We had limited time so we proceed to troll toward the Oakland estuary and home. The 3rd and limit fish for me came on board half way through our tack home. We work the area for another half an hour before calling it at 12pm.
It's funny how Frank stay true to his rig after my 3rd fish came on board! You can't teach an old dog new tricks, I guess.
Khanh Tran



Hey Gary, i caught this brown up at porqupine reservoir in northern utah on one of
your kazi silver shad minnows 3.5" .  she weighed right at 8# on m y scale and went
26" .thought i would share.





Gary Burns Take It To The Limit  Guides these fisherman

to limits on New Melones. He was using Sling Blades and Pee Wee Hoochies, Wiggle Hoochies and Hum Dingers.


Available in the 3 styles in our Tackle Shop Now






Trophy Trout Trips



Kody Iverson with a nice cutthroat from Strawberry Reservour Utah caught on a Kazi Minnow.




 5/09/09 Gary Thompson  of Modesto caught this Large King Salmon while fishing with Guide Danny Layne of Fish'n Dans Guide Service using' the new UV Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie behind a Sling Blade  at Don Pedro




Paul Di Guilio with a 5 pound Shasta Brown caught on the Mc Cloud Arm trolling a Kazi Minnow on the surface. He caught 2 limits and keep this one to put on the wall. 



Rick Aron of Hooked On Fishing is on the bite at Eagle Lake with this recent catch of Trout up tp 5 pounds. He caught 17 fish in 10 hours on Cripplure and Hum Dingers.






Pro Staffer Butch Jacobson took 2nd Place.

He was fishing Backbone using Cripplure Nickel Fishscale

and Hum Dingers Black Fishscale



Pro Staffers Directors Chris and Butch Jacobson with some of there Derby Fish.


Dave Stoffel                     Dennis Stoffel

3rd Place They caught there fish on Cripplures Glow Shad

and UV Scale fishing near Toupee Island.



7/28/08 Joe Salve, Fish Hawk Adventures and Justin Wolf with a nice Coho caught trolling Sling Blades and Salmon Koke-a-nuts in the mouth of the Columbia for an upcoming Angler West Show



8/8/08  Ron Walker caught these nice Green Petter Kokanee using the New UV Sling Blade and UV Pee Wee Hoochie.


Pro Staffer Bruce Ellis sent these photos of  his Daughter and friend with some nice fish they caught from an outing to Flaming Gorge Utah in August. They caught their fish on Sling Blades and UV Pee Wee Hoochies.


Danny Layne. Fishin Dans Guide Service.  Sent this photo of Client Elaine Lucia with a 2.4 pound Koke she caught on a UV Hum Dinger at New Melones


Hi Gary. I just wanted to thank you for the great seminar you did at Fisherman's Warehouse in Manteca. My fishing buddy and I purchased the lures you suggested and went to New Melones yesterday and had the best fishing trip ever. We virtually limited out on Kokanee and I hooked a Monstor 9# Brown. The only lures we used were Cripplures. This Brown was caught on the Glow Shad Cripplure with the Copper Sling Blades at 80 feet.
Thanks for sharing your expertise





June 08 Lori Davis with a 2.8 lbs

New Melonies Kokanee caught on

 a 6" Pink Glow Sling Blade and

 Pink Koke-a-nut and corn soaked

 in Pro Cure Scent. 


The 08 Kokane Power Derby Results

Several nice Browns caught to 7 pounds. A lot of Kings caught up to 3.25 pounds. Trout were most common at the weigh in however they were averaging 15 inches and did not have much weight. Most everyone caught fish and it was again a great  event. For the derby results go to:

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